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Posted in Music by stylecouch on April 14, 2009

billede-72Marie Fisker


Garage rock and fabulous blues versions from the cool and played down Danish Marie Fisker , who is mostly known together with Kira Skov. She is now out with her own EP. The atmosphere is reminding me on the David Lynch’s Twin Peaks environment mixed with my favorite music by Catpower. With clear inspiartion by Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Hope Sandoval from Mazzy  Star , Marie Fisker is bringing us into her wonderful music univers. Mentioning Kira Skov I have to recommend ther two girls’ amazing version of the ‘First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ Listen in youtube here. This song was originally made by Ewan MacColl in the 1950s but the version by the legendary Johnny Cash is probably the most known. Listen to her new songs on my space here  ‘Little Light Lit’ is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard recently.


billede-4Super cool Patti Smith


billede-52Rock diva PJ Harvey


billede-62Hope Sandoval from Mazzy  Star


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