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ARO MEKKER-Ærø-Copenhagen-London

Posted in Graphic design by stylecouch on April 18, 2009



A creative universe can be created everywhere if the right people and the right influences are brought together. Played down, good taste and individual designs are the keywords I would connect to the innovative design agency Aro Mekker . Aro Mekker is still a virgin company but already sharp positioned in the market. With base on the tiny little Island Ærø as well as in Copenhagen and London they get influences from both the silent country side and the pulse from the city life. The played down cool graphic style is essential for Aro Mekker, however they are extremely visible and strong in the creation of concepts and identities.  With references and experiences in many huge and strong companies and small unique ones the Aro mekker team is full of ideas and experience how to create solutions for many different customers! Personally I really like their ‘Influx‘ page which gives you a deeper look into the inspiration sources from the creative heads and confirms the fabulous style!!!





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