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Posted in Uncategorized by stylecouch on June 12, 2009

The London cabaret artist duo Bourgeois & Maurice claims that they met on a self-help workshop – which is only giving their story more edge and craziness! They disliked each other from the first sight – but after being kicked out of the sessions they found each other and agreed on making their own speciel version of a self-help group in the shape of Cabaret performance in London. Bourgeois & Maurice are a musical alt-cabaret duo on a mission to better the lives of all humans in the world…starting with their own! They are playing and an asexual male and female couple. Bistroteque is one of the place to find the amazing couple live – having a dinner there and watching a show must be fantastic. Enjoy the lovely photos!!




Billede 18


Billede 17


Billede 15


Billede 10


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