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Goodbye Art – Jimi Hendrix on fire, frozen Amy Winehouse or what can you do with fat out of McDonald’s french fries?

Posted in Art, Fashion, Fun, Music, Uncategorized by stylecouch on September 3, 2009

If you like to stop for street artists, in order to spend some moments on their work, than you will love the Phil Hansen! His excellent talent in combining art with the normal live, is brilliant. But have a look on his art – I have decided on 3 videos, but on his website and on youtube you will find many, many more. I am sure you will love!





About Phil Hansen:

His breakthrough piece was a time-lapse video of a two-day project called Influences. He painted thirty pictures on his torso, one over the other, each picture representing an influence in his life. After it was completed, he peeled the layer off and cut a silhouette of his own profile. The uploaded video was streamed more than a million times on the Web, with process and final piece clearly revealed.

He began a project called Goodbye Art to help him be more spontaneous. The difference, however, lay in the fact that after the process was completed and a final piece was obtained, he destroyed all traces of it except for a photograph. The video showing his process and the final result was uploaded on his YouTube user page.

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