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Men vs Women!

Posted in Art, Fashion, Fun by stylecouch on September 10, 2009

It seems, that the beer drinking community either understands women, love clichés or actually just need instruction to understand women – but I need to admit that the responsible people from McCann Erickson hit the nail on the head – don’t you think so?







also seen here in a higher resolution


For women, ads often are more detailed. Take for example toiletry ads. For one thing, women are more concerned about grooming and appearence. And they appreciate very fine distinctions, such as 5 different variations of shampoo-for curly hair, straight hair, oily hair, dry hair, etc. For men, by contrast, toiletry ads focus on a single product. Men are likely to pick up on one or two very salient and obvious kinds of cues. Men think in a more macro way, and need to be shown the big picture. Also, men are less likely to process complex metaphors.


Offering too many options can be the kiss of death.


Interesting, men are much more responsive to sexual cues. In one study, men and women listened to audio tape conversations about non-sexual topics. In one, a women discussed if she should be an anthropologist. Men read sexual cues into the conversation, while women didn’t. Men seem to be much more sensitive to sexual signals. This fact has not been lost on advertisers. We all know how sex sells.


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  1. severnyproductions said, on September 10, 2009 at 8:49 am

    lol. true enough

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