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Nobody can stop me anymore!

Posted in Art, Fashion, Fun, Photography, Travel by stylecouch on October 7, 2009

Copenhagen is known as a city where everybody cover a distance on bikes and I need to be honest, that there are many people, who drive faster than me. But! From now on it will be impossible to stop me on Copenhagen’s bike lanes. I just need to decide which bike fits more to me. On I found these ones – but click on their website and find your own one.






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The WHY Yacht – I am sure somebody still owes me money!

Posted in Art, Fashion, Photography, Travel by stylecouch on October 1, 2009

And since I heard from the WHY, I am racking my brain who I was lending money as I was in school and the WHY is a good reason to recall it. Anyway – WHY stands for “Wally & Hermes Yachts” and I need to admit that I really could imagine to quit my flat and move into the WHY. But take your tour and enjoy a dream.









On you found more informations and pictures

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Posted in Fashion, Travel by stylecouch on September 6, 2009

I was spending the last couple of days in Paris and I now returned with a loaded sketchbook and and overloaded right side of my brain. Paris is not a kliché – Paris is an ever lasting fabulous inspiration source and a spot where colours seems so much more delicate, where stripes are always in fashion and where everything seems just much more chic! Walking around in Marais is like reading a years issues of vogue – just leaving the bling bling out. Even the smell of Paris is giving me something – yes, I am in love!









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Completely lost in translation – The full version

Posted in Art, Fun, Photography, Travel, Uncategorized by stylecouch on August 18, 2009

Due to limited network in China, I could not upload the full version of my small video “Completely lost in translation” – but being back now, I will not hide this funny video which made me laughing. So folks enjoy, how chinese salespeople are selling their products and leave me a comment if you can help me with the translation.


You can find the video also here

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On my way to Asia – Completely lost in translation!

Posted in Travel by stylecouch on August 15, 2009

Ok, traveling in China can be very difficult – and even that I can not understand a single word chinese, I understood his product. I have seen this salesman on one of the Hong Kong markets. Have the same fun like I had – seeing him live!


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On my way to Asia II

Posted in Art, Graphic design, Photography, Travel by stylecouch on August 13, 2009

For all of you who can not wait to see me again, pass some time on my blog and find out in which country I am now! Take a look at these wonderful Architecture Stamps and leave me a message if you know which country I am describing here.




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440 Volts Graphic Design

Posted in Art, Graphic design, Travel by stylecouch on August 11, 2009

Just to let you know that warning notices doesn’t need to be boring – it could be also a kind of graphic design! I found this on the streets of New Delhi and I am not sure , on what I am more impressed on – the graphic design itself or that it gives me the warning of 440 volts?



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Posted in Art, Travel by stylecouch on April 21, 2009





One of the famous Bauhaus schools is now transferred into a trendy hotel. The hotel is located in the former East Germany, Dessau in the asymmetric concrete  building is designed in 1925 by Walter Gropius himself – he was the founder of the Bauhaus school of design. The building was closed in 1933, during the Nazi regime who saw it as un-German and too influenced by cosmopolitan modernism.

The minimalistic building has colour high lights as orange walls, yellow ceilings and red furniture. Breakfast is served in the original canteen where the students used to eat – the chairs are designed by the most famous student at the school, Marcel Breuer. 











Posted in Travel by stylecouch on March 9, 2009

Colours, caos, cows in the streets, fabulous food, nice weather and fantastic inspiration – actually Delhi is just as I expected it to be! It is my first time here and absolutely not the last! Found amazing items in the Janpath market, which is a heaven for shopaholics who are carrying a hippie inside…a lively and inspiring market, even if you do not like shopping! Moreover Delhi is full of nice chilled bars, cool relaxed restaurants, spa resorts with yoga and aryuveda treatments etc. I just love India and wish I could stay here at least a couple of weeks! However, I have now a suitcase full of inspiration for the next summer collection – beautiful fabrics, cool buttons, laces, tapes, pleats and gathering details that are to die for – and of course a sketch book full of ideas…








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