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There is no reason for wasting time in waiting rooms anymore as you can just be creative with your iphone. As I tried to paint on my iphone and realized how dificult it is I must say that I am relly impressed on these amazing small artworks created on canvas alias the iphone screen. Susan Murtaugh seems to be one of the leaders within this field – creating paintings with the ‘brushes’ tool for the touch screen. Also Italy has got a talent, Matthew Watkins spent just minutes to finish his work while he was waiting  for a dental appointment. Download ‘brushes’ and live out your inner artist…



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Posted in Art, Fun by stylecouch on November 2, 2009

My apple heart could not let this gorgeous apple collage pass unnoticed…A tributed to apple cannot be done too often!


apple art


Source: Abduzeedo

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If you can read this …

Posted in Art, Fashion, Fun, Photography by stylecouch on October 9, 2009

In all iPhone advertisements from Apple, you can see the same gesture of the hand  – but for sure with an iPhone in the front. Now, somebody found out what is written behind the iPhone.  I hope this will never happen to my one!

86895056Unfortunately I can not find the source, but I found it on

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I need to admit that also applefans can be crazy…however I like the idea of these pillows!







Buy them here

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I am a really huge fan of apple and I love all the products…but as I saw this bling bling version of the iphone I have to admit that it hurt my heart! Where is the played down coolness and the good taste? Those who are dreaming of an Apple iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition should not even be allowed to own one as I cannot imagine they have a passion for the product but only for showing off with a sparkling apple…For me it is blasphemy!!!


apple bling 2

apple bling

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Posted in Graphic design by stylecouch on May 27, 2009

I really like when the packaging is adding value to a product! Whatever it is FUTU’s magazines, Moshi Moshi’s tea, Apple’s earphones, Benefit’s powder, Mor’s body oil or Comme des garcon’s perfume, the packaging is a visual gift and half of the pleasure in the product! 


Billede 14




Billede 3



Billede 21




Billede 19



Billede 17



Billede 18



Billede 23