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Art you can do out of pencil!

Posted in Art, Fashion, Graphic design, Sketches by stylecouch on December 15, 2009

John-Paul Thurlow, artist and magazine cover graphic designer, is recasting his favorite covers with a bit of paper and a pencil. His blog ‘Covers‘ is a hommage to the creative men and women who produce such disposable perfection – in his words: “With each Cover I take a perfect mass-produced object and turn it into a fucked up one-off. Don’t expect perfection here, that’s not the way I see beauty in the world.” In 2010 he is also planing a limited edition book, which should be already on the wishlist of all graphic design lovers.





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Stop washing!

Posted in Art, Graphic design, Sketches by stylecouch on November 25, 2009

Actually there was a time and a cliché, where men washed their car every week and apart from the fact that it is not very eco-friendly, Scott Wade found a wonderful solution what to do instead with a dirty car! On his website you will find hundreds of amazing examples of Dirty Car Art! And for the those who would like to pimp up their dirty car – you also can book Scott Wade.






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We can’t hang out anymore!

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Passion in sketches!

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As I posted it earlier, a sketchbook is one of the really important things in my handbag. Now I found out, that there are a lot of people with the same passion for sketches. The Ukraine artist Anna Ruskova created an artwork called “My Moleskin”, where she shares some really interesting things out of her moleskine.








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Posted in Sketches, Uncategorized by stylecouch on September 20, 2009

I am never leaving my home without my personal sketchbook which contains all the small ideas and impressions I meet during the day…my brother made this nice sketch of it for me – now it belongs to the contests of mine! For Lovisa Burfitt the sketchbook became to small so she started creating wall illustrations – I really like these ones from restaurant East in Stockholm. I will now consider if I should extend the base of ideas with a wall illustration…

Billede 30

Billede 29

Billede 28


Posted in Art, Fashion, Graphic design, Sketches by stylecouch on June 4, 2009

Love the comic sketches from the French clothing company Claudie Pierlot

hund m ballon

damer m hat

shopping damehund


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This month my blog had 3 months birthday and last week I had almost 3000 readers – Thanks to all of you! I am quite curious on who you are – so I would appreciate if you would leave a comment here!

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